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Unidin, robust all-rounder


The Unidin is a robust wheelie bin suitable for a range of applications. The Unidin is manufactured from steel sheet with reinforcing grooves on the sides for extra solidity. The construction is entirely hot dip galvanised, guaranteeing a long service life and a minimum amount of maintenance.

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Wheelie bins

Thanks to the functional design, the wheelie bin can be used in apartment buildings, garden centres or companies, in shopping centres or recreational areas, at marketplaces or camp sites. Wheelie bins can be moved in a train configuration and be concealed in a concrete shelter.


The Unidin is available in 1,050 litres.

Fireproof and versatile

The Unidin is fireproof and suitable for all DIN loading systems.


The Unidin is hot dip galvanised according to norm NEN-ISO 1461 and is as such very reliable.

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