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For many years, Royal Dutch Bammens has been the market leader in solutions for transport companies.
As a good partner, Bammens helps transport companies to make the shift to a circular economy.
In this way, we achieve a cleaner, more beautiful and more responsible residential, working and living environment.

Combating litter waste

Litter waste is often found on and around stations and (dis)embarkation points. Not only does the environment not look clean, it’s also harmful to the environment.To many people, this lingering rubbish is an eyesore. Passengers are happier when a station and (dis)embarkation point is clean and hygienic.

Bammens helps with products and services tailored to the needs of transport companies.
Both for the separate collection of station waste and litter waste, Bammens offers the ideal products.

Prioritising waste separation

The Government wants 75% of waste to be separated by 2020.
Good separation means better recycling. Therefore, the Government wants to separate 75% of office waste by 2020.
This also applies to waste from industrial firms, offices and shops, for example.

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