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The Government and waste collection


For many years, Royal Dutch Bammens has been the market leader in solutions for overground and (semi-)underground waste collection.
As a good partner, Bammens helps the Government to make the shift to a circular economy. The Government is working on this in its From Waste to Raw Materials programme.

In this way, we achieve a cleaner, more beautiful and more responsible residential, working and living environment.

Litter waste

In the Netherlands, we’re good at collecting and processing our household and industrial waste in a responsible manner.
Waste separation has many benefits. Materials like paper, glass, plastic and batteries can be re-used to a large extent. This saves new raw materials, energy and money.

The prevention of litter waste, waste that surrounds places that are not intended for it, is also important.
To many people, this lingering rubbish is an eyesore. In a clean environment, you feel more comfortable.
The Government is strongly committed to reducing litter waste.

Prioritising waste separation

The Government wants 75% of household and industrial waste to be separated by 2020.
Good separation means better recycling. Therefore, the Government wants to separate 75% of household waste by 2020.
This also applies to comparable waste from offices and shops, for example.

Waste becomes raw materials

Waste, as it is traditionally known, will no longer exist in the (near) future. Wastes become raw materials, which means that the collection and processing of waste will change significantly.

Waste collection and waste processing will therefore change to raw material collection and raw material processing in various ways.

Customised waste collection

Bammens helps with products and services tailored to the needs of the Government.

Both for the separate collection of household and industrial waste and for litter waste and office waste, Bammens offers steel waste bins, roller containers and Collectors which often play an important role in public spaces and companies.

Continuity thanks to professional services

Royal Dutch Bammens not only develops and produces the well-considered solutions for waste collection, but also offers a complete service to permanently guarantee problem-free operation.

Whether they come from Bammens or another brand, we can maintain your waste systems with preventive maintenance, keep them attractive by cleaning them and keep them operational with quick repairs.

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