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Quadrapole, stylish Office Waste Separation.

The Quadrapole is a robust and contemporary waste bin with many possibilities.
Suitable for both single and multiple fraction collection through modular construction.

Maximum flexibility in order and set-up because magnets are used for the connection. This means that the set-up can be changed at any time.
Meets the general requirements in a facility environment because the design is tailored to customer requirements.
Fits in various interiors thanks to the simple and sleek design.
Tailored to places with a fairly high waste supply through the contents of 75 liters.
The volume can be quickly expanded at peak locations by linking an additional element.

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Combat litter in indoor spaces with our waste bins.

Sleek design, vandal resistant and with various extra options. Available in many types, sizes.

Many waste bins that you see on the street come from our factory. They are meant to be of service to passersby and to prevent litter. Royal Bammens makes them in the most diverse types and sizes, from 35 to 240 liters, and in every conceivable color. Standard or fully customized, but always to your liking.


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