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Preventative maintenance


Based on the maintenance plan, we meet the goals of our clients:

• Minimisation of total cost of use
• Maximisation of availability
• Compliance with the manufacturer’s requirements to monitor the CE certificate of the container

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Additional activities

In addition to the standard work and visual inspections for preventative maintenance as set by the client, we can also perform additional work and visual inspections.
In addition to the manufacturer’s specifications, Bammens has a great deal of knowledge and experience with different container systems from various manufacturers.

Container Management

For many years, we have been registering our service activities for our clients in our container management system (CMS).
By registering, analysing and converting this data into a central work plan that addresses the prevention of faults, we are able to define an additional and more customised maintenance plan for different brands of container systems.

Continuous improvement

In addition, we have our own development department and we are a member of various consultancy bodies for container systems.
In this way, we keep up to date with the latest developments and improvements. We always try to incorporate these developments and improvements into the maintenance of existing systems.

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