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Kosmopole, waste bins with a modern look


The Kosmopole has a modern look because of the sleek design with a playful twist through the curved and sloping roof. This waste bin is suitable for all places with an average litter level by the content of 50 liters.

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Easy emptying

The waste bin can be removed with a low physical load. After unlocking, the waste bin tilts forward with a horizontal movement.
Safe and ergonomic emptying because the waste bin stays in a fixed forwards position.


· Kosmopole upright, for free placement in street or field
· Kosmopole with post or wall mounted

Own identity

The Kosmopole can be provided with its own identity in many ways.

Material and construction

Sturdy construction due to selected shapes of the waste bin combined with the use of 1-3 mm thick steel. Torso: 1mm; bottom 1.5mm; upright 3mm; roofing 3mm; Lock construction: 3mm.
Corrosion resistant through the use of (continuous) hot-dip galvanized steel.

Options & accessories

· Bag holder
· Colors. In addition to the standard Bammens colors, all available (RAL) colors and powder coatings are available on request
· Upright is standard available in galvanized version, all available (RAL) colors and powder coatings are available on request
· Anti graffiti coating

Combat litter with our waste bins.


Sleek design, vandal resistant and with various extra options. Available in many types, sizes.

Many waste bins that you see on the street come from our factory. They are meant to be of service to passersby and to prevent litter. Royal Bammens makes them in the most diverse types and sizes, from 35 to 240 liters, and in every conceivable color. Standard or fully customized, but always to your liking.


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