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Your containers will be inspected periodically by our TÜV-certified and trained inspectors.

If you have containers from other suppliers apart from the Bammens Collector, then put your mind at ease since our service and maintenance employees can also inspect these containers and/or perform maintenance on them.

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Inspection system

Through the step-by-step review of all inspection points, performing tests and eliminating detected defects that influence safety or will do in the near future, the safety of the entire system is ensured.

After approval, a sticker is affixed to the outside and inside of the insertion column.

TÜV inspection

For this assignment, Bammens chooses to perform a TÜV inspection.

The TÜV inspection is a proven method of inspecting the Underlying Waste Collection Systems as hoisting/lifting tools. The inspection points are prepared according to the NEN EN standards 13071-1 and 13071-2 in conjunction with TÜV.

Container Management

The inspection is described in detail in the Container Management System (CMS) by means of a report.

For many years, we have been registering our service activities for our clients in our container management system (CMS).
By registering, analysing and converting this data into a central work plan that addresses the prevention of faults, we are able to define an additional and more customised maintenance plan for different brands of container systems.

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