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Hospitality and Recreation

Entrepreneurs in the Hospitality & Recreation industry have to deal with various waste streams: paper, cardboard, glass, residual waste and organic waste.

Bammens offers cost-effective and sustainable solutions for both small hospitality firms and rural recreation companies.

Cleanliness and Hygiene

A lot of litter waste can often be found in the vicinity of hospitality and recreation. Not only does the environment not look clean, it’s also harmful to the environment.
To many people, this lingering rubbish is an eyesore. Guests are happier when a hospitality or recreation company is clean and hygienic.

Bammens supplies products for the various waste and residue materials. This is the case for litter waste, residual waste, paper and cardboard, glass, food residues and waste.

Adapted to Hospitality and Recreation

Our solutions for hospitality and recreation include products and services that cater for the waste problems in the hospitality and recreation industry.

In order to organise this as efficiently as possible, we deliver waste bins, containers and waste collection systems tailored to your requirements, wishes and needs.

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