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HBOs and universities and waste collection


HBOs and universities are installing ever more waste systems to allow waste separation at source. In this way, they separate paper, plastic, vegetable/fruit/garden (GFT) and residual waste.

They are working on more recycling by increasingly separating waste and reducing the amount of residual waste.

Litter waste on and around the campus

A lot of litter waste can often be found in the vicinity of educational institutions.
Not only does the environment not look clean, it’s also harmful to animals and the environment. More and more students are realising that this can no longer continue.

Waste separation is worthwhile

Waste separation has many benefits. Materials like paper, glass, plastic and batteries can be re-used to a large extent. This saves new raw materials, energy and money.
Separate waste collection on and around the campus plays a major role in this.

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