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Cubopole, the ashtray series that has style


The Cubopole is a cigarette pole available in a wall-mounted and a free-standing model, designed to achieve a cigarette butt free environment. Research by Nederland Schoon (Clean Holland) shows that the number of cigarette butts in public spaces is reduced significantly if cigarette bins are placed there. The original design of the Cubopole with the ashtray in its traditional shape mounted to the pole ensures ultimate recognisability by smokers. The Cubopole is made from solid, sustainable steel, which makes it suited for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Check the possibilities: Cubopole 50 and Cubopole 100.


The Cubopole is a practical cigarette bin. Butts can be thrown in from all sides and they can be snuffed easily on the ample snuff plate in the middle. The clever design ensures that flammable materials in the reservoir will never get sufficient oxygen to catch fire.


The Cubopole is available in a fine structure material in the standard colour black, while the ashtray comes in silver chrome. The pedestal in a sophisticated black contrasts appealingly with the chrome ashtray. The pole is made of hot-dip galvanized steel, to ensure protection from corrosion.

Combat litter with our waste bins.

Sleek design, vandal resistant and with various extra options. Available in many types, sizes.

Many waste bins that you see on the street come from our factory. They are meant to be of service to passersby and to prevent litter. Royal Bammens makes them in the most diverse types and sizes, from 35 to 240 liters, and in every conceivable color. Standard or fully customized, but always to your liking.


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