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Experience shows that continually optimizing the communication between the client and the contractor improves the quality of the maintenance process.
In particular, the securing and recording of various communication documents such as photographs, inspection forms and repair advice are essential to link these in particular to the underground container system.
This makes information quickly retrievable and always relates to the right underground container.
In order to achieve this, Royal Bammens has developed a Container Management System (CMS).

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Streamline processes

Because documents are available electronically, the time-consuming and inefficient printing, copying and sending of paper documents is no longer necessary.

Quick access to information

Quick and easy retrieval and direct viewing of documents via the company network (24 hours a day).

Via the internet, documents can be made accessible from any location, for their own employees, clients, suppliers, etc. Always the correct, latest information of a container or safety device is available. Fast access to information means quick solutions to unscheduled problems.

Managing information

Reduction of the time to compile information from containers for a specific task.
Faster and controlled document management processes (check out, check in, revision check).

Cost Reduction

• Fast access to the right information prevents delays and errors in the work.
• Saving on labor and storage costs compared to a manual system.
• Searching for savings, printing, sending and copying information.

Improved teamwork

A CMS makes it possible to share information and knowledge between all parties involved. This allows better collaboration and enables projects to be executed faster and qualitatively better. Changes to information about containers and safety systems are readily available to all concerned. Document changes are checked in a controlled manner; users can always see the status of a document.

Quality improvement

The CMS ensures careful storage and registration of documents that must be stored in the context of quality processes.
The right information is available at the right time in the right place for the right person. This prevents mistakes and delays in the execution of the work.

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