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Capitole, litter bins that have an impact


The Capitole is a design classic that has conquered the Dutch streetscape. A reliable, economical litter bin with a timeless look. Over the years, it has grown to be the most-placed litter bin in the Benelux. It is available in various sizes, has a removable inner bin and is efficient to empty. The extensive colour range and extra options ensure the Capitole fits in anywhere.

Next to the classic Capitole an extended range is available with improved product and user qualities: the Capitole Prestige, Capitole Prestige L and Capitole Prestige XL.

The Capitole has been certified Cradle-to-Cradle ™ Basic.

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Easy to empty

The Capitole has a removable inner liner with proper handles and a click-lock door.


Fix it to a pole, on the wall, two on a base; the Capitole can be placed and fixed in many ways.

Own identity

You will turn the Capitole into a unique litter bin with a print of municipal arms or a company logo.


Design and production of the Capitole are according to the Cradle to Cradle® philosophy. Cradle to Cradle® means the product (including the materials) is safe for humans and the environment, and can be re-used or disassembled at the end of the lifecycle in such a way that parts and materials can serve as raw materials for other high-quality products.


The Capitole, designed by Bas Pruyser, has won multiple awards both for good industrial design (Kho Liang Ie prize) but also for functionality and as a work of art.

Combat litter with our waste bins.

Sleek design, vandal resistant and with various extra options. Available in many types, sizes.

Many waste bins that you see on the street come from our factory. They are meant to be of service to passersby and to prevent litter. Royal Bammens makes them in the most diverse types and sizes, from 35 to 240 liters, and in every conceivable color. Standard or fully customized, but always to your liking.


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