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We are Royal Bammens, an independent Dutch manufacturor based in Maarssen. We develop, produce, install and maintain material collection solutions for household waste, industrial waste, office waste and litter.

Royal Dutch Bammens, founded 1850, provides solutions for domestic waste, litter and company waste. Our steel litter bins, wheelie bins and Collectors play an important, yet often unnoticed part in public areas and companies. Every Dutchman knows our products, often subconsciously: our timeless Capitole litter bins are standard issue for Dutch streets, car parks and school playgrounds; our (semi) subterranean Collectors for residential areas, hotel and catering areas and shopping centres; and our famous galvanised wheelie bins at numerous companies and organisations. All products are both well-known and loved because they have been developed taking into account user-friendliness and collector as well as optimum safety and high durability.

Development, production, installation and maintenance all take place under one roof. We are the market leader in the Benelux with solutions for aboveground and (semi-) subterranean waste collection. We export to nearly all countries in Europe.

Since 1850

On 1 May 1850 Piet Bammens started a smithy at the Markt in Geertruidenberg. He could not suspect that his company would grow into a company that would still be alive and kicking 167 years later. Piet was an enterprising blacksmith, with a nose for innovation, honest with his staff and the people with whom he did business.

The company grew rapidly and Piet’s sons came into the business. They further expanded the business. Chiel was the entrepreneur and Janus the man of technology. The situation in 1850 can not be compared with modern times. Cars and bicycles had not yet been invented, and Piet’s sons did not seem to walk 14 km every night after work to attend the evening school.

Nevertheless, we think that Piet Bammens, if he would see the company now, would walk around approvingly and find the basic values ​​unchanged: solid, robust, focused on continuity, social, sustainable and innovative.

That is the legacy of the blacksmith who started his smithy in 1850.

Solid and  robust

Solid is the professional skill with which Bammens manufactures smart, high-quality steel waste systems. Solid is also the continuity of the organisation, which has been stable, profitable and providing jobs for 160 years already. This has not gone unnoticed and has been rewarded with the ‘Royal’ designation.

Solid is the steel that proves its worth in the public area on a daily basis: non-perishable, vandal-proof and recyclable.

Thanks to our direct and open approach, we will always be able to work things out together. Do what you say and say what you do; simple and no fuss. No embellishments; we stick to our promises.


The waste systems and solutions by Bammens are smart. The products are good at what they are supposed to be good at.
Waste has a number of special properties that need to be taken into account in our design. As experts, we pay attention to seemingly unimportant details; details that make a big difference in practice. Our products are clean, user-friendly, environmentally-friendly and ergonomic.

Bammens does not make rash decisions and does not follow trends; instead, we strike while the iron is hot when we see that a solution can be made more durable. Our innovative developments are continuously aimed at the collection chain and increasing user-friendliness, emptying ease and environmentally-friendliness


With steel, Bammens closely follows social developments and does not make rash decisions. Our ingenuity and resourcefulness are used to realise special custom-made work and to increase the utility value in the waste chain, because we keep making improvements. As such, steel keeps developing and is thus very topical.

Opting for steel and opting for Bammens is a responsible choice for lasting value today and tomorrow.

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